Serene Bathroom Remodel

when I see a
finished project,
I just can't help
but giggle
a little bit.

That giggle is the pure joy of seeing a space that looks even better than it did in my brain. I mean, I know the end result will look amazing, but *this* amazing is sometimes unimaginable.

We expanded the footprint of this small(ish) guest bathroom to build a larger shower and gain storage. The ledge running behind the toilet serves as a great place to perch art and accessories, while it runs into the shower to serve as a holding place for soap bottles. Does anyone else hate soap niches? Just me? Either way, this ledge creates a unique architectural element where we laid a slightly different tile to make the design quietly pop.

While this is only the guest bathroom in this Northern California home, my client told me she has been using this bathroom instead of her primary bath. I sometimes get sentimental when thinking about how happy I made a client, and this is definitely one of those times. I love knowing I gave this young mom some peace and quiet in a beautiful space - if only for a few minutes a day.


Interior Design: Melissa Morgan Interiors

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