Spring/Summer Throw Pillows

Another easy way to update your space is with throw pillows. You can instantly change a space from a drab, empty looking space to one full of life and comfy vibes. Speaking of comfy, you always want to make sure your pillow is filled with down feathers - this will allow the pillow to sit upright and ensure ultimate comfort (I've found the perfect insert that I've used in multiple projects here). Below are a few designer "tips and tricks" to help you style your space using pillows:

- Always, always ensure your pillow cover comes with a zipper. You'll want to clean or change the cover at some point, I promise. It's also helpful when redecorating for the seasons - storing an empty pillow cover is a lot easier than storing a filled pillow.

- A good size for most living areas is 18x18. Anything smaller may look like a mistake, and anything larger could take up too much space.

- The pillow fill needs to be 2" larger than your pillow cover, as this will fill your cover to the maximum capacity, and your pillow won't be floppy. For example, if you have an 18x18 cover, you'll need a 20x20 down fill insert.

- If you have kids or pets, pay extra for a double sided pillow. It will be well worth the extra to be able to flip the pillow when an "accident" happens.

- Smaller pillows go in front, and lumbars go in the middle of a sofa or on a bed.

- If you have a sectional, place 2 pillows on each side and 3 in the corner (use 2 different pairs and a third design - place one of each pair in each side and corner, and the third goes in the corner, in front of the others).

- Lounge chairs get one pillow, unless they are large and can handle 2.

- Play around with what works best for your bed - you can either do one, 2, or 3 throw pillows. Definitely no more than 3.

- Have fun with it! :)


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