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Home Office Desk Accessories

1) Modern Task Lamp, Glass Pencil Holder, Succulent 2) Curved Desk Lamp, Leather Letter Holder, Quartz Crystal 3) Concrete Table Lamp, Petrified Wood Bookends, Indoor Plant 4) White Desk Lamp, Marble Tray & Pencil Holder, Indoor Plant 5) Dome Marble Table Lamp, Pencil Holder, Coral Sculpture 6) Brass Desk Lamp, Brass Desk Organizer 7) Modern Brass Desk Light, Acrylic Desk Organizers, Faux Plant 8) Alabaster Table Lamp, Pencil Holder, Coral Objet 9) Black Orb Table Lamp, Pencil Holder, Terrazzo Aloe Plant

Today is the 12th official day of the Bay Area's "Shelter in Place" order, with what seems to be no end in sight. We're all adjusting to staying home all day everyday, and redecorating our homes while we're here. Many of us are creating home offices or a small workspace area, and wondering how to make it aesthetically pleasing while keeping it functional. My best advice is mix it up - modern table lamps with desk organizers and always add something organic. We're spending most of our time here, so it's time to "spark joy" in your home workspace. Stay safe and healthy!


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